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TASCO Water Works strives to minimize energy consumption in all client facilities in order to improve cycles and increase water savings. 
Did you know ¼ inch (6 mm) of scale on a heating surface can increase your energy costs by 40%?

TASCO clients are assured that heat exchange surfaces will remain clean in order to both prevent high energy costs and increase equipment efficiency. TASCO will collaborate with onsite staff to train and develop a blow-down schedule for steam boilers to ensure that all energy consumed in the heating process is utilized.

With a dual biocide, microprocessor-based program, TASCO will  be able to sustain higher cycles and low bacteria counts in your cooling tower system. This process will also translate into additional water savings and lower energy costs for your organization.

Water supply deficiencies are an ever-changing industry complexity. Thus, TASCO advocates the use of high performance polymers in its water treatment programs, which results in not only water and energy conservation, but also client savings.  In addition, because the characteristics of the city water makeup change constantly due to environmental conditions, our service technicians will adjust settings in the controller each month to maximize water savings.

For more information, please schedule a free water treatment seminar and plant survey to learn how your organization could be running more efficiently.

For all additional inquiries, please contact our principal LEED Green Associate, Benjamin Shriner, at Ben@tascoww.com.

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